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  • On January 1, 1946, the Police Telecommunication Management Administration (P.T.M.A.), the predecessor of the Police Telecommunication Administration (P.T.A.), was established to take charge of police communication affairs by Taiwan Provincial Police Administration under the Taiwan Provincial Administration Office, which took over the communication division in Police Bureau under the Office of the Japanese Viceroy after the Japanese ruling period.
  • In May 1947, the Taiwan Provincial Administration Office was restructured as the Taiwan Provincial Government.
  • In 1958, the P.T.M.A. was renamed as the Police Telecommunication Administration of Taiwan Provincial Police Administration (P.T.A. of T.P.P.A.) according to the“ Restructure Project for each police administrations in Taiwan Province” planned by Taiwan Provincial Police Administration (T.P.P.A.).
  • In April 1985, as the T.P.P.A. was renamed as Taiwan Provincial Government Police Administration (T.P.G.P.A.), the P.T.A. of T.P.P.A. was renamed as P.T.A. of T.P.G.P.A.
  • In 1997, T.P.G.P.A. was upgraded with the same English name, so was the P.T.A. of T.P.G.P.A
  • Since July 1, 1999, the P.T.A. has been subordinate to National Police Administration as the T.P.G.P.A. was taken over by the National Police Administration due to the downsizing of the provincial government.
  • In January 2014, the P.T.A. was renamed as the Police Communication Office (P.C.O. of N.P.A.) due to adjustment of functions and organizations of the Executive Yuan.

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